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Miami-Dade officials are considering the impact the legalization of marijuana will have on their county; specifically, how to deal with the possible explosion of medical marijuana farms in Southern Florida. County Commissioner Dennis Moss believes the continuous warm weather and fertile soil in South Miami may be the perfect area for growing marijuana, and was among the Commissioners to urge the mayor’s office to tackle the issue in order to be prepared for what may happen.

Moss believes one possibility is that marijuana could become a “cash crop” for Florida, which might prevent local owners of farmlands from developing their properties or selling them. Moss and other Commissioners are pushing the mayor’s office to address, primarily, the overall economic impact of marijuana growth in Miami-Dade County, as well as related issues such as security, job creation, and potential quality control.

Miami-Dade is not the only county preparing for possible broader legalization. Many counties are taking a new look at zoning laws to figure out where marijuana growth might fit in. Government officials across the state seemingly believe the November ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana without THC restrictions will pass.

Maitland Mayor Howard Schieferdecker stated, “We think it’s going to pass. And we want to get ahead of it.”

Most of the new rules are restrictive: Mount Dora is planning to ban medical-marijuana shops throughout most of the city, and many other cities, such as Cocoa Beach and Flagler Beach, have followed suit.

However, not everyone is planning to ban the new economic outpost: Tavares Councilwoman Lori Pfister, wants to bring more business to the city, and noted that she would like citizens to purchase marijuana locally.

“I don’t want them going to another city,” she said.

Much will likely change in November, if the ballot initiative passes. Stay tuned to for updates.


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